Chronilus “Sighting” On Radio Triggers Gig

Funny story about our July 18 show at Cafe Zippy in Everett.  One of our beloved Chrono-Nut fans and a fine performing musician himself, David Johnson was hanging out at Cafe Zippy one day.  KSER Radio was playing in the cafe, and a cool thing caught David’s attention.  Our song Longing came up on the radio.  David darted up to Zippy’s owner and said something like, “Hey, this is that local band Chronilus I’ve been grooving on for weeks.  You need to get them to play here!”  The owner paid attention to the radio for a bit and said, “Heck yeah.”  So the gig was sort of waiting for us before we even asked.  We’re on.  July 18 at Cafe Zippy in downtown Everett, WA.  Bring friends.

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