Wow, Still #1

Today Chronilus popped back to #1, still, after more than a half a year since the release of Threshold, having bobbed around in the top 5 all year, usually at or near #1.  The album has proven itself for seriously long road trips involving mountains, trees, rivers and volcanoes.

Back at #1 Again.

Chronilus has returned to the #1 spot on Reverbnation’s World Music chart for Seattle, as enthusiasm for this year’s album, Threshold, shows signs of outlasting trends.  With music designed to transcend centuries and unite continents, Chronilus is becoming the sound of home for many.

3rd 5-star Review for the Threshold album at Amazon!

So far it’s all 5-star reviews at Amazon for the new Chronilus album, Threshold.  Here’s what Emmy Award-winning composer and engineer Jay Kenney of Seattle’s Audio Logic Studio has to say about it:  “Listening to “Threshold”, Chronilus’s first full-length CD, is an aural journey. Truly blending old and new, the group weaves a complex web of sound and song. From the clarion vocals of singers Caera Aislingeach and Sonia MJ to the deep rhythmic pulses of Bone Deep’s djembe, you will find timbres and stories that will please the mind and the ear. Caera’s Celtic harp is the perfect counterpoint to Manfred More’s artful, psychedelic guitar work. Sonia’s keyboard pads and accents support the music in every way. It can’t hurt that every member of the group is a multi-instrumentalist. Caera doubles on percussion and sings n Gaelic, Sonia adds keyboard bass, viola, congas and percussion. In additional to assorted percussion, Bone Deep plays bass guitar and lays in a hypnotic banjo groove to “Brigid”. Manfred’s six string offerings are both acoustic and electric.

A well rounded effort, “Threshold” is a nice ride. Pop it in and enjoy it!”

See Chronilus This Saturday at the Spring Fairy Festival in Tacoma

Chronilus is ready to rock the tribe at this Saturday’s Spring Fairy Festival in Tacoma.  Over 1000 mythical creatures will be attending this all-day streetside block party event full of costumes, music, dance and wizardry.  Chronilus will take the stage from 3:30 to 4:30 pm this Saturday, April 30.  Festival admission is free this year, so costume up and join the crowd!

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