Chronilus Returns to #1 in Seattle

Chronilus is on top of the Reverbnation World Music chart again in Seattle, in anticipation of their new album release, Threshold, coming in January.  Donors to the band’s IndieGoGo campaign for this album have already received their Threshold CDs, and the responses have been passionate, judging by their unsolicited reviews on Facebook.  Soon it will be the public’s turn to share in this great pleasure.  Click the player for a taste of what’s coming.

Dec. 13 Show Cancelled Due to Family Loss

We have the sad news to report that our singer Sonia’s mother has passed away suddenly. Consequently, Sonia cannot be in town with Chronilus for the December 13th CD release show in Redmond, WA as planned. That show is cancelled, and likely to be rescheduled for the end of February at the same location, Soul Food Coffee House. More details to come about the rescheduled show. But for now, we hold Sonia’s family in our hearts through this time.

Chronilus Debuts at #2 on World Music Chart

Chronilus has completed its crossover from the  Celtic to the World Music category on Reverbnation, for a World Music chart debut at #2 in Seattle. Chronilus left the #1 Seattle spot in the Celtic category to find a comfortable home in a field nearly five times larger. When asked for comment, Chronilus guitarist Manfred More moved an eyebrow very slightly, according to credible witnesses.

Chronilus Returns to #1 on Reverbnation Celtic Chart for Seattle

Chronilus is getting a lot of plays this week, returning to the Number One spot in Seattle on the Reverbnation Celtic chart.  Still eleven days left in the crowdfunding campaign for production funding on the new, 12-song album Threshold.  Hoping for release December 13, 2014, and financial backing from you, your friends, and your friends’ friends will decide the album’s destiny.  Here’s the link where you can help make it happen:

You Can Make Your Own Chronilus Channel on PANDORA Now!

Wahoooooeeeeee!!! As of today, Chronilus exists on Pandora! Curious to create a Chronilus channel and see what other bands come up as “similar” in the mind of Pandora.
Here’s where you can pitch in on the crowdfunding to finish production on the Threshold album we hope to release on December 13, 2014:
And here’s a clip from our song Brigid, to complete the happy.


Preview of New Song and Crowdfunding for Chronilus Album, THRESHOLD

Here at last is a taste of our upcoming debut album, Threshold! Have you had your few seconds of Ecstasy today? Have a listen and share! Album release date is December 13, 2014. Fundraising for this album’s production is happening now on IndieGoGo, and your listener investment makes all the difference in making Threshold available to the world. Funding deadline is Nov. 10, so at an average of $100 in listener investments per day, we can make this album a reality for people who crave a tribal sound with a time traveler’s twist. Do pull this off, donate to match your enthusiasm, then share this link with three of your fantasy geek friends who are likely to share likewise with three of their fantasy geek friends, until the surface of the Earth is covered with grins of anticipation for the magical date of December 13.


Sonia MJ’s Birthday is Today!

Scan back, fellow time travelers, to this day 35 years ago to an epoch before internet.  The place, a Washington State ferry boat.  A ferry whose journey ended with one more passenger than it launched with.  The mysterious passenger was Sonia MJ, destined to become co-lead vocalist for Chronilus, popping into our dimension from who-knows-where onto that ferry midway through its short but massively potent run.  Happy birthday Sonia!  And many thanks to The Gifts of the Ferries.

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