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So much cool stuff happening we wanted to share!

Greetings Chrono-nuts!!

It has been too long since you heard from us all, and that’s for good reason…because we’ve been making music and basking in the outpouring of love from you all!!  Here’s an update on all the awesomeness that’s been going on:

We have a very successful EP release at SoulFood Books in Redmond. THANKS TO ALL OUR TRIBE WHO ATTENDED! (if you’re reading this…you’re in the tribe 😉 )

Since that day, we’ve been working very hard on new songs to bring you all-and the good news is: we will be performing them for the FIRST TIME LIVE at SoulFood Books (coincidence? I think not) on March 21st at 8PM.  Be there or be Bantha Fodder! (oops sorry….that just slipped out).  The concert on March 21st is for a GREAT cause.  A good friend, and elder in our community has fallen on some very hard times this past year and continues to struggle to make ends meet.  100% of the door cover will go towards our friend (Willow Moon).

#1 on ReverbNation Celtic Charts in Seattle WA

Good morning to our wonderful fans!  Because of your support, Chronilus has climbed to the #1 spot on ReverbNation this week for Celtic bands in Seattle, and #35 in the US!  We appreciate all the love and support along the way as we’ve shared our music with you all.  Our EP release will be happening 12/14 at SoulFood CoffeeHouse in Redmond, WA.  If you are unable to join us never fear:  shortly after the release you will be able to purchase the EP online!  All proceeds will go towards funding the release of a full length album, so strap yourselves in tight, it’s going to be a wild ride!

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