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Chronilus Akademia Byker Hill

Sept. 15, 2015:  “Byker Hill” by Chronilus wins the Akademia Music Award for Best Worldbeat Song.


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September 15, 2015  Akademia Music Awards

’Harmonies and Celtic rhythms create a rich backdrop for ‘Byker Hill,’ a traditional folk song turned on its head by Chronilus’s mix of traditional and modern sounds.’

Listening to “Threshold”, Chronilus’s first full-length CD, is an aural journey. Truly blending old and new, the group weaves a complex web of sound and song. From the clarion vocals of singers Caera Aislingeach and Sonia MJ to the deep rhythmic pulses of Bone Deep’s djembe, you will find timbres and stories that will please the mind and the ear. Caera’s Celtic harp is the perfect counterpoint to Manfred More’s artful, psychedelic guitar work. Sonia’s keyboard pads and accents support the music in every way. It can’t hurt that every member of the group is a multi-instrumentalist. Caera doubles on percussion and sings n Gaelic, Sonia adds keyboard bass, viola, congas and percussion. In additional to assorted percussion, Bone Deep plays bass guitar and lays in a hypnotic banjo groove to “Brigid”. Manfred’s six string offerings are both acoustic and electric.

A well rounded effort, “Threshold” is a nice ride. Pop it in and enjoy it!

This review is from: Threshold (Audio CD)
Fantastic tribal beats, amazing female vocal harmonies, fascinating progressive bass guitar, mysterious electric guitar reminiscent of Pink Floyd. Filled throughout with brilliant ancient Celtic harp, seasoned with haunting viola. This album turns a road trip through the mountains into an experience like time travel. Most of the songs are deeply written originals, with a few covers, like The Mummers Dance by Loreena McKennitt and Under a Violet Moon by Blackmore’s Night. Renaissance Festival goers will be way, way into this album. My girlfriend and I are overplaying it every day with no sign of letting up.
This review is from: Threshold (Audio CD)
Kickass music! Beautiful voices and deep lyrics fill the disc. I highly recommend this Cd to anyone with a love of Celtic, or world beat music. If you want music with meaning you are in the right place.

“This track offers a very different sound to the listener  The vocal harmonies are beautiful. The sitar like riffs give the song a deep psychedelic feel.  The song overall is enchanting and almost whimsical.”

“The rhythm sounds very earthy with an indie touch.  The harmony is beautiful…”

“I would love to buy this track”

“These vocals are very polished, very professional.  The harmonies blend very well and compliment each other perfectly.”

“Original, amusing, thought-provoking, inspiring, heart-warming, punchy, meaningful, clever, deep, balanced, varied, full, rich, rhythmic, engaging, compelling, competent, smooth, accomplished, imaginative, creative….keep up the good work. 10/10”

“The intro drum beat says, ‘come on in’. It has an old ritualistic feel with deep pagan roots…good combination of electric and acoustic-very well arranged.”

“I think this is a great sounding group. The voices are very well harmonized.  Nice soft soothing music.  Nice beat and I liked it very much. I certainly think they have super talent and would recommend this music to friends.”

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