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Chronilus Live!


Chronilus is a time-traveling Celtic Worldbeat band from the Seattle area.   Chronilus blends music from many centuries, drawing from humankind’s best moments of tribal togetherness from around the world.  Discover the clairseach, the brass-strung harp that entertained medieval Irish nobility, playing joyfully with harmonies from a progressive-rock-influenced electric guitar.  Move in time to the synergy of an electric keyboard playing rhythm alongside the driving beats of a West Aftrican djembe drum.  Join a waltz led by the harmony of an alto viola and tenor recorder supporting soprano vocals, immersed in a gentle whirlpool of phased guitar.

With a range of expression from raw, primal energy to ethereal finery, Chronilus songs explore such subjects as connection, history, fantasy, and ageless spirituality.


Chronilus emerged as ReverbNations’s #1 Celtic band in Seattle with the debut of their first EP, “Prologue,” in December 2013, and has more recently visited the #1 spot on the World Music chart for Seattle on Reverbnation as of December of 2014 just prior to the release of their first full CD, “Threshold.”  Chronilus has been received with cheers by audiences of hundreds near the band’s home in Snohomish County, Washington.


100w SoniaFrameSonia MJ: Vocals, keyboard, viola, hand drums, percussion

100w Caera FrameCaera Aislingeach:  Vocals, Medieval-style Irish harp (Clairseach), bodhran, percussion

100w BoneDeep FrameBone Deep the Bard:  Lead percussion.  Hand drums, bass guitar, banjo, mandolin, mandola, electronic arrangements.

100w Manfred FrameManfred More:  Electric lead guitar

100w DannFrameDann Henderson:  Lead viola, mandolin, tenor and soprano recorder, rhythm guitar, hand drums, vocals.

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